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December 10, 2021

There is huge industry and academia gap which exist in legal education eco system in India. This platform aims to address this gap and empower students and professionals to re-skill and up-skill. It is simulation based module focused on law students and legal professionals which help them think, act and communicate like lawyers. The real life practical simulations will help them understand those intricacies of legal profession which they would not have understood otherwise.

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    Course Curriculum

      • Introduction to the Course 00:00:00
      • Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights 00:00:00
      • Law related to Trademarks in India 00:00:00
      • Understanding the Matrix 00:00:00
      • Client Counselling 00:00:00
      • Role of Due Diligence 00:00:00
      • Trademark related Due Diligence 00:00:00
      • Assignment 1: Due Diligence Report 00:00:00
      • How to draft a Legal Opinion 00:00:00
      • Evaluation 2: Legal Opinion 00:00:00
      • Trademark application and examination report 00:00:00
      • TM-A 00:00:00

    About This Course

    Trademarks are essential for firms and brands, and most intellectual property law firms specialise in them.

    If you are a law student who is interested in IP laws, particularly Trademarks laws, or a practising lawyer wishing to start or get into the practise of Trademarks then this is the perfect course for you. This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to start improving your interest, expertise, and practise in trademark law. It is both theoretically sound and practically aimed.

    This course provides a detailed understanding of strategy, creation, registration, monetization, prosecution and handling of trademark disputes in India and offshore, with multiple practical examples and case studies.

    You will be well on your way to launching your trademark practise or acing any associated internships if you thoroughly complete this course.

    The key points of the course are :-

    • A workshop on introduction to the course that discusses how to get the most out of this field.
    • Video lectures by industry leaders covering the length and breadth of trademark law and practise, based on extensively researched readings. 
    • A practical stimulation procedure that simulates the registration process in real life.
    • To make the topic obvious, practise court hearings and pleadings.

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